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Motor coordination

Eliezer Barker
Motor coordination

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Among the extremely important skills for those who play sports is motor coordination. It is this ability that makes it easier to maintain balance and is closely related to agility and agility. When properly developed, it helps minimize the risk of injury.

What is motor coordination and why is it so important?

Motor coordination is the ability to perform a given movement or a sequence of movements at a predetermined time. It also involves the ability to react to unexpected situations and to maintain balance. In addition, motor coordination involves such skills as spatial orientation, agility, motor memory, reaction speed, and agility.

The greatest development of motor coordination occurs in children (ages 8-12), but it is possible to work on it at any age. Improving this ability makes the body develop the right motor instinct, which helps, for example, to avoid injuries during sports. Inadequate motor coordination among novice athletes makes it easy for them to suffer physical injuries. Its good exercise ensures excellent physical fitness. It is one of the key elements for people who want to participate in sports. Among the benefits of practicing motor coordination are the development of muscle strength, as well as improved joint mobility.

How to exercise motor coordination?

Among the ways to exercise coordination are most physical activities, such as team sports – volleyball, soccer, and basketball, but also swimming, dancing, gymnastics, and combat sports. There are also specific physical exercises, such as the popular skip, balance beam, flip, and swallow

If you want to train motor coordination, regularity is an extremely important aspect. Coordination exercises mainly consist of the same movements performed repeatedly. Exercises should be selected according to their difficulty and complexity. They are designed to ensure perfection and precision of the movements performed, so it is worth setting specific goals which we want to achieve, and adjusting the exercises accordingly.

Equipment useful in exercising motor coordination

Among popular equipment, which allows you to perform exercises shaping motor coordination, there is skipping rope. Jumping on the skipping rope can be done in many different ways. The intensity of training with such a device is very easy to adjust for each person

Another proposal of equipment for various types of coordination exercises is a coordination ladder. It is irreplaceable when training leg coordination. Exercises with the coordination ladder also allow you to improve your speed. This is equipment that is often used in football training, but also in other sports, such as water sports and even combat sports

In the case of combat sports, equipment such as pears or reflex balls are worth mentioning. They primarily allow you to practice delivering accurate strikes, as well as the effectiveness of dodging. One example is the DBX Reflex Bag – a boxing pearl.

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