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5 exercises you’ll love at the gym!

Eliezer Barker
5 exercises you’ll love at the gym!

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A gym is a place where we can comprehensively take care of our figure and shape. Professional gym equipment gives us an extremely wide range of possibilities in terms of training. Sometimes, however, such a large choice makes it difficult to know what exercises and what equipment to choose. Today we decided to recommend one exercise for each of the lower and upper body parts, as well as aerobic, cardio and functional exercises that you will simply love. Enjoy!

1. Exercise for the upper body

One of the most universal exercises for the upper body is barbell press. This exercise can be done in two ways. The first is to press barbells standing, for which we need a barbell and some space. The second is barbell pressing on the ground. For this purpose, you can use the position of free weights, which are found in virtually every gym. They include an exercise bench with a barbell rack. This exercise is worth doing at the beginning under the supervision of a trainer.

2. Exercise for the lower body parts

One of the best exercises for the lower body is crane push-ups. This type of exercise should be performed on a specially designed machine. The crane press is an excellent workout for both men and women. With a smaller load it allows you to beautifully shape the lower body parts (buttocks, thighs and calves), and with a larger load you can develop their muscle mass.

3. Aerobic exercise

Aerobic training consists in performing exercises with medium intensity, where heart rate oscillates around the value of 120-140 heartbeats per minute. A great way to implement this type of training are exercises using professional gym equipment, which are elliptical machines, or slightly larger orbiters. Not only do they increase metabolism, which allows you to burn calories efficiently, but they also engage both the lower and upper parts of your muscles, which allows you to effectively shape a beautiful figure.

4. Cardio exercises

Cardio training is an intensive exercise that effectively improves our condition and increases metabolism. And this in turn serves to lose weight. The only difference between cardio and aerobic training is the intensity, which is simply higher in the case of the former. An excellent exercise that allows you to easily achieve such intensity is a treadmill. It is worth mentioning that running on a treadmill is much safer than running in the field. The treadmill provides proper cushioning for our joints, not to mention eliminating the possibility of injury due to uneven terrain.

5. Exercise for general fitness

Exercises for general fitness are mostly functional training. There are many exercises here, but the one that is one of the most versatile and simultaneously engages many deep muscle groups is the plank, or forward push-up, commonly called a plank. It is an excellent stabilizing exercise. And you do not need professional gym equipment to perform it. It can also be performed at home, but it is worth first practising it under the supervision of an instructor at a gym, because an incorrectly performed exercise will not only have no effect but it can even harm us.

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