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Powerful hooks and unexpected combinations – here are the most spectacular knockouts in world boxing!

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Powerful hooks and unexpected combinations – here are the most spectacular knockouts in world boxing!

The spectacular knockout has always stirred up huge emotions in boxing. No wonder, such situations – often completely unexpected – end the fight immediately. Here are some of the most impressive and brutal knockouts that have taken place in the boxing world so far.

Alex Garcia vs Bernard Benton

The 1990 fight between Alex Garcia and Bernard Benton ended in a flashy and extremely painful knockout. The Mexican put his rival to the corner already in the second round of the fight and then covered him with a hail of nearly 40 punches. Benton understandably fell to the mat immediately and was unable to continue the fight.

Deontay Wilder vs. Artur Szpilka

A powerful knockout with a Polish accent. Deontay Wilder is currently one of the top heavyweight boxers in the world, and in 2016 Artur Szpilka had the opportunity to prove his skills and strength. The Polish fighter lasted nine rounds, but a moment of inattention was enough for the American to deliver an incredible blow, after which our countryman did not recover.

Pernell Whitaker vs. Diosbelys Hurtado

The duel between Pernell Whitaker and Diosbelys Hurtado lasted 11 rounds, which is why few expected that it could end in such a spectacular way. However, the American hit the Cuban hard on the jaw and then unleashed a series of powerful punches – Hurtado almost fell out of the ring at that point!

Benny Parett vs Emile Griffith 

A brutal knockout that to this day remains one of the greatest tragedies in boxing history. In the last round Griffith drove his opponent to the corner and then covered him with a series of punches, which proved to be lethal. The Cuban immediately lost consciousness, and ten days later he died in the hospital. The reason for the ruthless treatment of his rival was the fact that during the weigh-in he called Griffith a “maricon”, which is a derogatory term for a homosexual person. In fact, the fighter from the U.S. Virgin Islands was bisexual.

Dicky Eklund vs Allen Clarke 

Looking at this knockout, it seems that it too ended in tragedy. In the 9th round of the fight, Allen Clarke left the glove after receiving a punch, and then received a series of powerful punches to the face from Dicky Eklund, after which he lost consciousness. Why the arbitrator stopped this fight so late, only he knows now.

Rocky Marciano vs Jersey Joe Walcott

An impressive knockout that forever made professional boxing history. Legendary boxer Rocky Marciano needed only one, but extremely precise and powerful punch to knock out Jersey Joe Walcott. His opponent was able to stay on his knees for a while, but it was an effort that was doomed to failure.

Ray Mercer vs. Tommy Morrison

The fight between Ray Mercer and Tommy Morrison was for the WBO heavyweight belt, and both fighters were undefeated up to that point. It is easy to guess that a lot was expected from such a fight. Ultimately, the clash ended in the 5th round, when Mercer knocked his rival down with a series of strong punches.

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