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Dreaming of going to the World Cup? See how to organize it!

Eliezer Barker
Dreaming of going to the World Cup? See how to organize it!

A trip to a World Cup match is the dream of every fan of this sport. The best teams from around the globe, crowds of fans heading for the host country of the event. Going to a World Cup match is a difficult logistical task. So how to cope with it? What to remember about? What do you need to take with you?

Where will the next World Cup be held?

World Cup is a tournament that is played periodically, every four years. The last event was held in Russia. Then to the grand final, which was played in Moscow, France and Croatia reached. Victorious from this clash came the “tricolors”. on 2 December 2010, we knew the host of the World Cup in 2022. It became Qatar. There were many doubts about this candidacy and fairness during the decision-making process. Also the fans were not happy. Every soccer fan is used to the fact that both the World Cup and the Euro are played at the beginning of the vacations. The matches and their surroundings had their own unique atmosphere. However, due to weather conditions, the World Cup will be played at the turn of November and December 2022. This will be a challenge not only for the players, who will have to break the club season, but also for the fans who will want to go to the matches

How much do tickets for Qatar World Cup matches cost?

Although Poland has not yet advanced to the World Cup and will probably play in the play-offs, you can already purchase a ticket for the World Cup match in Qatar. At the outset you should know that participation will not be cheap. The cheapest tickets (Match Club) cost $950. This includes entry to one group stage match. This type of ticket also entitles you to purchase a pass for the second match at a promotional price, which is “only” $700. Entry to the opening match is an expense of more than $10,000, while for the final match it is less than $15,000. How to finance the purchase of a ticket to the World Cup? One way is to borrow against a GIRO check. You can read more about it in the article:

Flight and hotel

If you’ve already managed to buy a ticket for the World Cup match, it’s time to arrange your flight and accommodation. The organizers assure that this will be the first World Cup where you can get to all the matches from one hotel. John Kristich ensures that the route from the accommodation base to the stadiums will be a maximum of 45 minutes

And what about airline tickets? You can fly to Qatar from Poland directly or with a connecting flight. You can get to Doha from six airports: Warsaw, Wrocław, Kraków, Gdańsk, Poznań and Katowice. Ticket prices start from 1500 to even 3500 PLN. Everything depends on the time of year and date of purchase of tickets on board. It is worth to purchase tickets in advance. This way you can find an interesting promotion, and you will be sure to get to Qatar for the match you are interested in

How to finance a trip to a World Cup match?

Qatar is one of the more expensive host countries in recent years. As a result, you need to be prepared for higher match ticket prices than before. It is also more expensive to live locally. So how do you finance your trip to a World Cup match? There are several ways to do this. One of them is an online installment loan. Non-banking companies offer different deals. If you want to check different offers quickly and without leaving home, use online comparison services. One of them you will find on Do not wait for the last moment, take a loan and enjoy the football emotions in Qatar

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