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When will fans return to the stadiums of the world’s top clubs?

Eliezer Barker
When will fans return to the stadiums of the world’s top clubs?

Matches played with empty stands are an everyday occurrence for many football games. All because of the coronavirus pandemic and the sanitary regime introduced in connection with it.

Why do football players play with empty stands?

The state authorities have decided to limit the participation of fans in sporting events out of concern for safety. Places where there are large concentrations of people (such as football stadiums) are a potential focus for new infections. So if you want to participate in the game sitting in the stands, you need to keep track of the emerging official announcements.

How many people can enter the stadium?

Unfortunately we have to get used to seeing empty stadiums. Only a part of the fans can enter the stands – depending on the speed at which new infections occur, the number of available tickets may even differ from one city to another.

How does the situation look in other countries? In Germany, the 2019/20 games were completed without fan participation. However, from the new season onwards, there is a chance that fans will again be hosted in the stands. Details are to be revealed in the near future.

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