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How do you fit a bike model into your lifestyle?

Eliezer Barker
How do you fit a bike model into your lifestyle?

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For some, a bike will be a means of transportation to work, for others an excuse for a family trip out of town, and still others will see it as a tool necessary for competitive riding. Find out how to choose a bike based on your needs.

Popular bike models

Cycling has many benefits: It improves your fitness, helps you lose weight, shape your body, and relaxes you after a hard day. For many people a bicycle is an everyday means of transport to school or work, others decide to set off on long journeys. The basis of successful cycling activity is choosing the right model, which can be designed for recreational riding, adapted for specific terrain, or built with a view to practicing sports or doing tricks

Popular bike categories include:

  • trekking bikes
  • city bikes
  • mountain bikes / mtb bikes
  • cross bikes
  • e-bikes

It is worth noting the distinction of bikes due to the arrangement of the frame. For a woman, the best choice is ladies bike with a frame and saddle adapted to the female physiognomy. Models with a frame designed for women increase the safety and comfort of the ride, they also allow ladies to get off the bike more comfortably.

What parameters to pay attention to?

Bicycle should be selected for each person individually, so that it is safe and comfortable to use. The choice should take into account the height of the cyclist, the purpose of the bicycle, parameters such as the distance between the saddle and the pedals and the height of the frame, as well as the type of surface on which we intend to ride. The weight of the bike is also important, especially if you have to carry it up and down the stairs every day.

City bikes are designed for city riding and perform best in this environment. A model equipped with good quality brakes will pass the test on a crowded street and during a weekend ride on a hard urban surface. Choose it if you plan relaxing trips or a quiet commute to work in the metropolitan area.

Cross bikes, on the other hand, are versatile, lightweight and most often chosen as a compromise between speed and durability. This model is conducive to dynamic riding and is usually lighter than a mountain bike. In a similar range are trekking bikes, which are suitable for longer, recreational trips on both asphalt and natural surfaces. Trekking bikes are often referred to as touring bikes

Whereas electric bikesor rather hybrid bicycles with an electric drive that assists the ride, are suitable for long distances and difficult uphill climbs. The models of this type require pedalling, but the additional drive system placed in them makes long distance cycling easier and accessible for more people, including the elderly and those with poor physical condition.

High performance bikes

If you are a mountain biker and want a bike that can handle the challenge of steep terrain, check out mtb bikes, commonly known as mountain bikes. Mountain bikes are designed to ride on demanding terrains, thanks to their lightweight construction, wide tires with increased grip and a large number of gears. Nowadays, mountain bikes are often chosen by enthusiasts of riding on unpaved ground, where you need solid cushioning and good grip. On the market there are professional mtb bikes adapted to specific sports, as well as cheaper recreational models.

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